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Publicado: viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013, 2:41 a. m.

By now you've probably had your fill of daytime tourist traps and guides pretending to tell jokes. So what to do in the evening: watch TV in your hotel? NO! For a helluva lotta fun, try our Night Life Tour!

On this tour, we visit both the discotheques along the Malecon, salsa clubs, and other typical Mexican hangouts which tourists almost never see. We may visit an outdoor amphitheatre where comedians and mimes often perform, or attend a dance in the park, or whatever else may be going on that night. We will also stop for munchies along the way in case anyone gets hungry! With so many choices and so little time, it is difficult to choose sometimes. Your guide knows the city well and can make excellent suggestions depending on your specific tastes. Overall, you're the boss on this tour. If you like the club scene, we will do the club scene. If you are a hot salsa dancer, we'll do that! Or we can mix and match; it's all up to you.

Your guide will coach you on club etiquette, which may be a bit wilder than you are used to! Both club dancing and Latin dancing here have a sexy component which must be seen to be appreciated :>) However, there are still do's and don'ts. Overall, it is almost assuredly much easier to meet a new person here in Puerto Vallarta than it is back home.

We pick you up at your hotel, except in this case, the pickups are between 9-9:30 PM for salsa, and 10:30-11 PM for the discos. We will wrap it up around 2 or 3, depending on the energy level of the tour group. Of course, you're always welcome to remain at any of the locations we go to, bearing in mind that, once you are on your own, there is no guarantee you will get back in to any of the other locations, other than those which use a hand stamp.

Why so late? Because the clubs don't really get going until then. Salsa clubs usually have dancing, and likely live music, from 9-1. The discos, however, stay open until 6AM. Sound crazy? It is! It's even crazier when you learn that some locals go home after the clubs close, eat breakfast and shower, and show up for work at 8AM. This is why Saturday is the biggest night at the clubs, as the majority of the locals have Sundays off.

Once again, we have negotiated "no cover" for you and your companions, which can range from 100 to 500 pesos depending on the club. Factor in the fact that you pay no cab fare, and our tour is really a bargain. Usually what happens to tourists is that they find out that all of the clubs have a cover, so they choose just one and stay there the rest of the night. With our tour, you can see as many as you want without paying a cover each time.

The tour is 350 pesos or $30 USD per person, with a 700 pesos ($60 USD) minimum. This means that if you decide to take the tour solo (which some people do), you pay the minimum.
With 2 or more, you pay the per person price as previously stated. The tour is subject to availability, so please make your reservations early. We will be accepting credit cards shortly, but at the present time, the terms are cash at the beginning of the tour.
We always recommend withdrawing money in pesos from a local bank ATM with your debit card ahead of time. This will save you money wherever you go, as the exchange rate at bars and other places is never as good as your own bank will give you. Paying by credit card at these establishments is never recommended, even where accepted, as you do not know the rate of exchange you will receive, and your credit card information could easily be sold.

To book your reservation, call our business office now at 322.109.9450. We are open seven days per week, 10 AM-10 PM. You can also e-mail us at: Tell us your full name, where you are staying, room number (if a hotel), contact phone number and e-mail, preferred date for the tour, and number in your party. We do pickups from the Romanic Zone in the south all the way to the Marina in the north. If you are staying outside of these boundaries, we will mutually arrange a meeting place. We will normally respond the same day with your confirmation.

Let's party like it's 3013!

For something a little wilder, ask about our Boyz Nite Out! Tour!

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